Database of International Academic Journals

Papers authored by researchers from the Transportation Institute have been published in several international journals. These articles are compiled by the Transportation Institute for querying.

Sustainable humanitarian supply chains: a systematic literature review and research propositions2023
A meta-analytic review of the association between the built environment and integrated usage of rail transport and bike-sharing2023
Evaluation of Applicability and Accuracy of Bus Travel Time Prediction in High and Low Frequency Bus Routes Using Tree-Based ML Techniques2023
On Hyperparameter Optimization of Machine Learning Methods Using a Bayesian Optimization Algorithm to Predict Work Travel Mode Choice2023
Car versus motorcycle ride-hailing applications: User behaviors and adoption factors in Bangkok, Thailand2023
Travel behavior change of public transport users during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from Bangkok2023
The relationship between RHA use and car purchases: Trends emerging in Bangkok, Thailand2023
Determinants of Ride-Hailing Applications Adoption: How Travelers’ Characteristics and Attitudes Affect the Adoption of New Online Mobility Platforms in Bangkok?2023
Ride-hailing applications in Southeast Asia: A literature review2023
Effectiveness of Travel Demand Management Policies in Promoting Rail Transit Use and Reducing Private Vehicle Emissions: A Stated Preference Study of Bangkok, Thailand2023
Motorcycle taxis' varying degrees of complementarity and substitution with public transit in Bangkok2023
Understanding and Predicting the Usage of Shared Electric Scooter Services on University Campuses2022
Comparative Analysis of the Optimized KNN, SVM, and Ensemble DT Models Using Bayesian Optimization for Predicting Pedestrian Fatalities: An Advance towards Realizing the Sustainable Safety of Pedestrians2022
Targeting Sustainable Transportation Development: The Support Vector Machine and the Bayesian Optimization Algorithm for Classifying Household Vehicle Ownership2022
Examining the ride-hailing adoption behaviors among older adults in an Indonesian city: The case of Yogyakarta2022
Mobility, Activities, and happiness in old Age: Case of the elderly in Bangkok2022
Land Use Regression Difference Modeling of Sources of Particulate Matters: Case of COVID-19 Lockdown in Bangkok, Thailand2022
Land use regression modeling for fine particulate matters in Bangkok, Thailand, using time-variant predictors: Effects of seasonal factors, open biomass burning, and traffic-related factors2021
Ride-Hailing Applications in Bangkok: Determining Service Quality, Passenger Satisfaction, and Loyalty2021
Redesign of three-echelon multi-commodity distribution network2019
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